Free Educational Films for Students

The International Ocean Film Festival (IOFF) Free Student Education Program presents film screenings for students and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, marine scientists, and industry experts.

Area school groups of students in grades 6 through 12 can sign up to attend free daytime Education Program screenings at the 15th Annual IOFF on Thursday, March 8 and Friday March 9, 2018. Register today by emailing

Through the Education Program, the IOFF aims to educate and inspire youth to:

  • Take an active role in protecting our vital ocean ecosystems
  • Participate in the arts and documentary filmmaking
  • Learn more about ocean-related careers

The deadline to register for the upcoming 2018 Education Program is February 1, 2018. Register soon to be sure we have space for your school group.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us

Last Year's LINEUP

 This is the selection of films from the 2017 Free Student Education Program:

  • The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp
  • Coral in Crisis! Borneo From Below
  • My Haggan Dream
  • Little Teeth - Saving Sharks on Bali
  • @415Plumber's #OB_Plastic Obsession
  • Finisterra
  • Plastic Is Forever

Plus selections from the 6th Annual Student Film Competition:

  • Ocean Acidification
  • Hang Onto Your Butts
  • Through the Storm Drain

Our Vision

IOFF's vision for the Free Student Education Program is to:

  • Extend our mission to many more students through road shows in the Bay Area and beyond
  • Provide a "live experience" of our film screenings and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and scientists in real time
  • Create a competition and awards program for best student films, serving to inspire budding documentary filmmakers
  • Establish IOFF as a working forum for Bay Area film studies and environmental studies programs
  • Provide students from diverse backgrounds and schools the opportunity to gather and learn — from each other and from experts from around the world

When you donate to the festival, your dollars help us reach students around the Bay and Northern California.