The International Ocean Film Festival (IOFF) is a volunteer-driven organization. The festival can only happen because of people like you. Each year over 200 volunteers contribute their time, energy, and enthusiasm to make the festival a reality.

Meet New Volunteer Coordinator Pamela Diwik

Long-time volunteer Pam Diwik is the IOFF's new volunteer coordinator. Welcome, Pam!

Long-time volunteer Pam Diwik is the IOFF's new volunteer coordinator. Welcome, Pam!

We're thrilled to announce that, after volunteering with the IOFF for the last 10 years, Pam Diwik now joins the festival as our new volunteer coordinator!

Besides the IOFF, Pam is also actively involved in other Bay Area nonprofit organizations, including the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, SF SPCA, and San Francisco Village. She serves on the board of the Miami University Bay Area Alumni as well. Pam has over 20 years of retail planning experience at Macy's and Gap, Inc., and she's the founder of and principal at Pink Acorn Designs, an interior design firm that serves the Bay Area as well as the west coast of Florida. Spending time on the Pacific and Gulf Coasts has given Pam an especially keen appreciation for the ocean and inspires her ongoing commitment to the IOFF.

The festival depends almost entirely on volunteers, so the volunteer coordinator is an especially critical role. A warm welcome to Pam, and we're excited and honored to have her on board! You can reach Pam by email at

Open Volunteer Positions

Want to get involved? You don't have to wait until the next festival — we're looking for some ocean lovers to help out right now! The IOFF has lots of year-round events and activities, and we're looking to fill the following volunteer roles:


Visit the IOFF's page on for more information, and be sure to check back often. The ocean never sleeps, and the IOFF is active year round with events and activities in support of our mission to inspire people to care for our Blue Planet!

Volunteers - Chhavi and Neely

2018 Volunteers

2018 Planning Committee Volunteers

Holly Cooper, Website Manager
Pam Diwik, Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Donovan, Social Media Strategist
Gaby Esquivel, Marketing and Special Events Manager
Neely Evanoff, Education Outreach
Kimberley Goodman, Speaker Series
Yuko Inatsuki, 2018 IOFF Trailer
Jessica Mullin, Social Media Strategist
Niam Itani, Student Film Competition
Paul McManus, Volunteer
Ashleigh Papp, Newsletter Editor
Perry Pickert, Technical ConsultantFridays Films
Robin Rome, Education Program
Jennifer Stock, Student Film Competition
Melanie Sturm, Filmmaker in the Classroom
Maya Sykes, Assistant Newsletter Editor
Matthew Tominaga, Graphic Design & Photographer
Andy Thornley, Emcee Extraordinaire
Vicky Vasquez, Education Program Emcee
Collin Welbon, Website Editor, Content Manager


2018 Screening Committee Volunteers

Gretchen Coffman
Sidney J. P. Hollister
Keith Howell
Yuko Inatsuki
David McGuire
Ibon Olaskoaga
Mary Jane Schramm
Stan Teng
Will Zang, Filmmaker Liaison
Austin Henton,
Programming Assistant